Land Application....

BMG Environmental Services transports and land applies both liquid and dewatered waste using modern equipment.

Using specialized flotation or tracked vehicles waste can be land applied reducing soil compaction. By changing toolbar design, BMG Environmental Services can inject or surface apply waste into various cropping systems and soil conditions.

Vacuum trucks allow the removal, transport, and land application of waste using a single vehicle reducing equipment needs.

Biosolids are transported to application sites using enclosed systems for environmentally safe and sound practices.

  • Wastewater Treatment Sludge - Biosolids
  • Water Treatment Lime Residuals
  • Processing Water
  • Organic Processing Waste
  • Cattle Processing Facilities - Paunch
  • Food Manufacturing Wastes
  • Fly Ash

    Application Site Programs....

    BMG Environmental Services will procure all necessary land required to successfully land apply your waste according to all local, state, and federal regulations. Sites receiving waste applications are carefully selected and managed to minimize environmental impact.

    Soil sampling and analysis is used to determine soil nutrient status for land application sites. Our staff agronomist determines application rates based on plant needs, regulatory guidelines, and soil nutrient status, therefore ensuring the greatest benefit to the producer.

    The land procurement process includes land application agreements, which clearly define method of application, application rates, application sites, time of application, and material applied.

    Waste recycling is a safe and environmentally sound way to return both nutrients and organic matter to agricultural soils while providing fertilization to crops and assisting in soil conservation.

  • Land Procurement
  • Land Application Agreements
  • Land Application Monitoring
  • Land Application Permits - Local, State, Federal
  • Application Rate Tracking
  • Custom Land Tracking Reports - Land Used, Land Available
  • Custom Farming Agreements - Rental Land

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